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The “Cute Hearts” is a platform for NGOs and the people willing to contribute for the non-blood relatives. Through this platform, we help people to find the respective NGOs to whom they want to contribute according to their affordability range. We work as a traverse between the benefactor and the beneficiary for the better world.

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Who we are

Cute Hearts

We, the “Cute Hearts” act as a platform to connect the NGOs and the donors around the globe. We work as a traverse between the benefactor and the beneficiary for the better world. In this platform, we categorised the donating way such as Food, Shelter, Education, Health and Disaster recovery (Donate for the day). So that, it will be comfortable for a donor to select through which part of neediness they would want to donate.

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Donation doesn’t only mean donating money but also a pure helping heart.

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Humans treated and supported equally will bring peace to the world.

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Join us to show unity is strength and to make the better world.

Our Story about Cute Hearts

Cute Hearts Platform is found to implement an innovative idea. New things discovered every day and people look in for something new and different in day to day life. As like, we thought to do something different in order to help both the NGOs and the people who wish to donate. As we all know, the world is so big and everything cannot been seen in one glance, but, now as technology improves anything is possible through web and social medias. We, as a team, wished to help the needy and the people who helps the needy. And, this is when, Cute Heart Platform is found to act in between the NGOs and the donors. This platform helps donors to find an appropriate NGOs and the category they would want to donate for. And any type of NGOs can be benefited even if they are not active in social media.

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Our Vision:

To preach the NGOs from all the nook and corners of the world. And to make easy for the donors to donate for the NGOs and for the particular field regardless of their locality.

Our Mission:

We started this platform motivating ourselves to accomplish the holy work of eradicating the poverty and fulfil the needfulness of the poor in many ways concentrating mainly on Shelter, Food, Health, Education and disaster recovery and more in future.


Mr. Manoj Deebak is the founder of TESTWARE INFORMATICS, an IT firm.He has a very good team who works hard for the personal and for the company’s development. The founder, looking at his team’s spirit, unity and helping mind thought to develop a platform to help NGOs / Charity organisations who are struggling to get donated. It is known that there are a lot of NGOs functioning both as a large and small scale. But then, the small scaled NGOs are not familiar among the city or country. So, he got an idea of implementing a platform where a NGO can be preached and can be seen by world wide donors. Thus, Cute Hearts Platform arose with the help of his service minded team members of Testware Informatics.

Change Makers Say About Us

NGO Connect

The NGOs can join with us by registering using a registration form, where you need to fill in your details. After registration, back ground verification will be done. A Micro Site will be created in our web page where your contents can be updated whenever needed. The donor’s fund transfer will be sent directly to your bank accounts with donor details and information will also be sent. Join with us and get benefited..

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