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A hope for helpless people

Healthcare for poor is a human right

We are living in a world where we wake up every day seeing that new diseases arise affecting human lifestyle. A disease affects a man sitting in the polluted surroundings and also a man sleeping on a cushion bed. One can be wealthy in living a healthy life. Good Health is very important for human life to survive in this world. If money and service can bring that, why can’t we get-to-gether and help the poor fighting for a healthy life.


Not all wealthy people are healthy. However, a wealthy people could support the poor in fighting for their health and help them in whichever way we can.

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"don't waste food.. it may be plenty for you,but for somebody it is empty too..." - Smruti Ranjan
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A Temple Of Love

Anub Karangalin Anbu Illam Attempt To Provide A Life Of Dignity To All. A Life Without Distinctions Based On Ability, Gender, Age, Caste, Language, Region, Religion, Race, Class And Nationality And Op...

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