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A catalyst for change, for the development of persons with disabilities

“Vasantham federation of Differently Abled” is an outcome of the CBR project (Collective action for Basic Rights Foundation) implemented by a local NGO – Integrated Rural Community Development Society (IRCDS) in Kadambathur Block, Tiruvallur District. It works towards ensuring an equitable world where rights and dignity of persons with disability are realized and where they participate fully and effectively in society.

About Vasantham Federation for Disabled Persons

Vasantham is registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 in 2010. It started in October 2002 with the funding and technical support of CBR Forum. 290 PwDs ((Persons with Disabilities) were organized into SHGs / Village level DPOs ((Disabled People Organization). IRCDS first introduced the concept of forming PWD SHGs (self-help groups) in the District. The SHGs and DPOs were federated at Block level and are called “Vasantham Federation of Differently Abled – Kadambathur Block” in the year 2005. This was the first Block level DPO federation in Tiruvallur District. In Tiruvallur District, many PwDs were in need of training, facilitation and support. In order to be able to carry out the expansion, IRCDS applied to Caritas Germany. With their funding- and technical support as well as with the support of CBR Forum, IRCDS has expanded the CBR Project to Tiruvallur Block from July 2006 onwards.

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Founder’s Profile

Livingston was like any other normal child until the age of two. An attack of polio affected both his legs and left him with 90% locomotor disability. His first contact with CBRF’s Partner IRCDS was in 2005 when he was given the opportunity to speak about the issues faced by the persons with disabilities in Tiruvallur Block on World Disability Day. From September 2006 onward, the staff at IRCDS met Livingston at regular intervals and interacted with him about the formation of a Disabled Persons’ Organisation (DPO) in his village (Ekkadu). As a result, the first Village level DPO – named Ekkadu DPO, was formed in Tiruvallur Block. Following this, he attended several training programmes for DPO members/leaders on entitlements for the disabled. He was elected as the President of Vasantham Federation, a Block level DPO (BDPO) federation for Tiruvallur Block. In 2009, a BDPO office was opened in Ekkadu to carry out the Federation’s activities. On September 11, 2010, Livingston was democratically elected as the President of the District Level Federation which consists of two Block level DPOs. This Federation was registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act.

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Vasantham Federation for Disabled Person

Our Reach

Livingston has acted as a catalyst for the development of various persons with disabilities. He has helped 42 persons with disabilities in acquiring employment and played a role in conducting the marriage of persons with disabilities. Today, Livingston has become a familiar face for persons with disabilities in the State. He has also received two awards, Valnal Sathaniyalar (Lifetime achiever) by Revenue Minister of Tamil Nadu on World Disability Day celebrations in 2013 and “Best Social Worker Award” by Chennai based Citizen Forum in March 2014. He is an Advisory Committee member of Southern Railways, contributing ideas to making the Railways accessible. He is also a member on the District level Coordination Committee.

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