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Why NGOs / Charity Organisations should connect with us?

We, the “Cute Hearts” act as a platform to connect the NGOs and the donors around the globe. We work as a traverse between the benefactor and the beneficiary for the better world. In this platform, we categorised the donating way such as Food, Shelter, Education, Health and Disaster recovery (Donate for the day). So that, it will be comfortable for a donor to select through which part of neediness they would want to donate.

Why join with us?

There are a lot of NGOs functioning all over the world that runs both as a small scale and a big scale organisation. Unfortunately, not all NGOs are well known around the world. We, in here, help to overcome this scenario. We act as a platform to spread NGOs among the people who urge to help others. Volunteering is the core point of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone’s help. In that way, we feel proud, that, we are being a part in helping the people who helps the people in need. “You start a group and we help you to reach out to the cute hearts of the world”.

Free Register

Register your organisation on “Cute Hearts Platform” by completing your subscription form filling.

Create a Micro-Site

We will create a Micro-Site for your organisation in a separate page on our website.

Reach out to the world / Popularity

We are connected with donors all over the world. And so, your organisation details will be shared throughout the world.

Receive from Donors

The contents can be updated in the micro-site whenever needed which would motivate donors to donate for your organisation.

Donations directly routed to the organisation’s bank account

The contents can be updated in the micro-site whenever needed which would motivate donors to donate for your organisation.

How NGOs can be benefited?
  • Join the most innovative team who supports livelihood.
  • User friendly payment gateway transactions
  • Increase NGO visibility across the globe.
  • Achieve the needed funds for your service campaigns in a short span of time.
  • High-end technologically upgraded
  • Highly secured platform.
  • Our service shall be the most encouraging factor for your future kindness journey.
  • Support multi-country currency donations.
  • Highly secured data management.
  • Automated donor fund transfer to the respective NGOs.

Connect with us to get donated from various donors around the globe.

NGO Connect

The NGOs can join with us by registering using a registration form, where you need to fill in your details. After registration, back ground verification will be done. A Micro Site will be created in our web page where your contents can be updated whenever needed. The donor’s fund transfer will be sent directly to your bank accounts with donor details and information will also be sent. Join with us and get benefited..

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